Amenitee Smart Compact Pocket Key Holder and Keychain

  • $19.99 USD
  • Save $4.99 USD

Amenitee Smart Compact Pocket Key Holder and Keychain organizes your keys and keep them neat, protects your pockets from key damage. Stylish compact and convenient.

Main Features:

  • Compact Key Holder And Keychain Organizer; our smart key holder is manufactured using the highest quality materials at the highest quality standards you may want; the body frame is made of significantly high impact resistant material ZINC ALLOY.
  • You Will Never Have To Worry About; mess of keys, holes in your pockets, noisy key jingle; Ikrill clever key holder will keep every key in your life on track and in order; designed to fit perfectly in your pocket holding up to 20 keys or accessories.
  • Asy To Assembly And Secure; no costume keys needed; a coin is all you need; strong & lighter plus anti loosening washers are added to the screws to prevent your keys from falling and safely keep all your keys together.
  • Three Colors Available: Red, Black and Blue.

Shipping: Please Allow 24 - 45 Business Days for the product to arrive.