Car Anti-slip Phone Clip Holder

  • $24.00 USD
  • Save $15.80 USD

Introducing the latest Car Anti-slip Phone Clip Holder, a car phone holder that comes with a gel pad that adjusts to any dashboard. It is made to hold your smartphone in landscape mode and offers two viewing angles. A perfect choice for users who want to use their mobile phone as a navigation system.

Mount it literally anywhere because of the adhesive bottom. The phone is perfectly secure because of the ridges that lock the phone in place.

Product features:

  • For desktop video to watch movies, desktop business office, car control console folder mobile phone car navigation,
  • Car interior ornaments, small and beautiful, easy to carry, multi-purpose multi-compatible, human rational design, do not cover the screen does not block line of sight,
  • Two buckle design angle can be adjusted, clamping force stability no longer worry about mobile phone fall, domineering water chestnut with two-color with a sense of high-end style,


  • Product Size: Box: 43.2 * 26.7 * 37CM / 100PCS  
  • Commodity packaging: neutral packaging
  • Material: environmental protection soft TPU
  • Product Color: Black 
  • Weight: 133 grams

 Shipping: Please Allow 24 - 45 Business Days for the product to arrive.