Magic Multi-Functional Dual Closet Hanger Special Offer

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The Magic Multi-Functional Dual Closet Hanger is made to maximize as much space in your closet as possible. The foldable design lets you customize how you want your clothes hung so you can have more space to hang other garments. Made of high quality ABS plastic, this special hanger is made to last and can withstand the weight of 12 other fully loaded hangers. It is easy to use and sure to save up at least a third of your wardrobe space.

  • Triple the amount of space in your closet without making any physical adjustments
  • Can hold up to twelve (12) shirts or trousers, eight (8) belts or ties and two (2) underwear
  • Standard metal, wood and plastic hangers should fit
  • Wing-type design folds into a compact design when not in use

Shipping: Please Allow 24 - 45 Business Days for the product to arrive